The artwork must be submitted as PNG files with a resolution of 5'600 * 4'000, a 24-bit color depth and in the aRGB color space.

The aspect ratio (longer side / shorter side) must be 1.4.

The artwork for the cards is meant to be printed on cardboard. The cards have a size of 125 * 88 millimeters (B7 ISO 216), but up to 353 * 250 millimeters (B4 ISO 216) is a possibility.

The artwork for the cards must be in landscape mode.

The margin of the artwork should not be black since the margin of cards is black. A clear separation between artwork and card margin is very much desired.

The subject should be prominent.

There should be little to no small details.

The style of the artwork must convey feelings of a story, of roleplaying in a story, and not be too realistic, too fuzzy (like paintings), or look like stitched 3D pieces. Basically, the style must resemble a hand-drawn style.

Photographs must not be used either as backgrounds or textures.

The artwork must be sharp, without blurred areas, without depth of field.

The colors must be vivid, bright and have to create a high local contrast. The colors must not be shinny (which may create a sensation of plastic).

Body curves must be round, not pointy, especially for heads (chin, ears).

The artwork must be simple enough so that the players can understand what it represents. All represented elements must be intelligible and logically consistent, although not necessarily possible in reality (magic elements are clearly not real).

The artwork may depict humans and plants. Animals must be used only if specifically necessary, that is, to symbolize something.

All extraterrestrials must be humanoids, with little physiological difference from humans.

The artwork must not depict monsters or animals. If danger, vileness, extreme anger or fear have to be depicted, you have to use landscapes, human faces and ghosts, colors and shadows capable of inspiring the required emotions.

All depicted subjects must be put in a context. For example, a hand weapon should be in a person's hand and the person could be engaged in a fight.

The artwork must have no frame.

The name of the artists must not be present in the artwork.

The artwork may be included in the artist's portfolio as digital pictures published on the Internet, at a maximum resolution of 700 * 500 pixels; it may also be printed at full resolution.

The card text from the sample artwork is the most important factor to consider when deciding what the artwork should convey to the players.

Use the sample artwork only to understand what has to be conveyed to the players; they must not be copied. The general idea may be used.

The importance of the categories of the sample artwork is as follows: style, texture (= local color contrast), colors (= sets, transitions, vividness).

The game is mainly a story about the physical and metaphysical conflict between two parties, the Earthlings driven by the flock instinct and which wants to control everything, and the Spacelings driven by individualism.

The most important metaphysical aspect of the Earthlings is to stay alive at all costs, as followers of their leaders, whereas the one of the Spacelings is the way an individual lives and the unique marks he / she lives in the Universe.

Here are the illustrators whose work I liked while I was researching for artwork for GOT CG.

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