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Newest version

Download version 2.0 BETA released on 27.10.2021. This requires at least Windows 10.

To run the program, unzip the downloaded file where you want, and run the executable file.

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Fluogen is a generator of pictures of fluons.

Visit Void Sculptor to see fluon art.

For the theories on which this program is based, see FLT and MDNT.

The source code files for the MDN library is the "Mdn.cs" file from the C# source code archive. The C# library is naturally implemented, that is, you can write for example "y = (1 + x / n) ^ n" to represent the natural exponentiation (at limit). All operations are implemented so as to require the minimum number of conversions between cartesian and polar coordinates.

For more features read History of changes.

History of changes

Version 2.0 BETA released on 27.10.2021: Massive update.

Version 1.3.4 released on 17.04.2009.

First public release of Fluogen: version 1 on 18 July 2008.

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